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Workplace training in Perth, Western Australia. Claire is available for presentations and workplace training. The topics she presents on include:

Her corporate programs include:

Stress Management Coaching for Corporate Executives

Experience breathing and meditation techniques that will effectively release built up stress from your body/mind, help you to respond in healthier ways to stressful situations, and deal effectively with stress in the workplace and everyday life. Stress management coaching will give you tools and techniques to change the way you respond to stress. This is lifechanging!

Did you know that simply learning how to breathe properly will begin to reduce your stress levels immediately? Scientific research has shown what yogis have known for thousands of years... breathing properly will lower heart rate, stress and anxiety levels; whilst breathing improperly results in increased heart rate, and increased levels of anxiety and stress. Claire will teach you proper breathing and mindfulness meditation to lower stress and enhance your enjoyment of life!

Workplace TrainingClaire brings together all of her expertise and years of knowledge with meditation, breathing, yoga, and coaching, to design a specific stress management program for you and/or your team.

This includes one on one and/or group stress management training, and individual follow up coaching and support.

Claire is also available to present custom designed workshops and retreats. For more information, or to discuss your company’s requirements with Claire please contact Claire.

Workplace Training Testimonial:


Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! The Living with Purpose workshop was everything I was hoping it to be and more. Thank you Claire for creating and holding such a profound sacred space that was full of safety and support, which allowed the next piece of healing for each of us. 

The experience enabled me to reach the deepest depths of self and brought forward undeniable truths, guidance and wisdom. My body showed me clearly that by shutting down emotions and locking away pain we also lock away a true part of ourselves. If we are willing to let go and breathe into the pain here lays a most amazing gift that is just waiting to be seen and accepted. 

The workshop really allowed the time; depth, space and tools to get to this part and with intention the messages were released. I am so excited and aware of my sacred contracts and purpose and choose now to align with these and be open to my next sacred pathway. I am calling in creativity, music, sound healing, writing all the things that make my soul dance, which I had so long ago forgotten about.

Thank you for teaching me how to reconnect with our amazing Mother Earth, the rituals you taught were so powerful and at the same time so nurturing. I have already showed my children the sand paintings and have had fun creating these at our home.

~ Karen Davie



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