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Women's Breathing Circle Online

Experience the healing power of Transpersonal Breathwork! 

This is a weekly group where you can come together with other women in a safe and sacred space for deep healing.
A nurturing, loving space for women to acknowledge and bring healing to their deepest feelings. A place to experience the powerful healing intelligence of the body and breath.

Claire holds a powerful shamanic space to support your healing. She will be working with each individual and the collective group energy in non-ordinary reality; with the Helping Spirits; Guides, Angels, the Lineage of Medicine Women and Men, and Helping Ancestors. Claire will be tracking each persons energy and be the conduit or ‘hollow bone’ for the transformative healing energy to flow through. This is powerful work; we are not seperate in the web of life, and it does not matter where you are in physical reality.. the work of shamanism always happens in the other realms.

We will follow the same format as a face to face breathwork group.

There will be time to share, meditate, breathe, and debrief. We start with a sharing, then go on to do an embodiment meditation where you get to open up to the intelligence within your body, from this place we allow the intention for the breathwork session to arise.  It is good to find a comfortable place where you will feel safe and won’t be disturbed. Bring your own tissues, water, and cup of tea and snacks for after. 

What a great time to breathe into and process the energy and feelings that are up right now.. this is the time to shine light upon your own shadow.. and bring powerful transformation to your life. 

Fear is rampant in our world right now! It is fear that freezes us in many aspects of our life.. and stops us from hearing and following our inner guidance. We also know that continued fear lowers our immunity. So what a good time to claim our love and wisdom as spiritual beings.. strengthen our immune system, make the best of this inner time, and claim our power!
A time to step into Love ❤️

This is a smaller nurturing group, numbers will be limited to 9 people. 

As a suggestion you might want to have earphones or speakers as music will be streamed through zoom. Claire will be present and guiding the session.

Cost: $50 

Time: 9.30am-1pm Perth time, Western Australia

Please text Claire on 0408909779 to book your place and you will be sent payment details and the zoom link.

“I wasn’t sure what it would be like to do breathwork online but I have actually found that it can be more powerful than sessions in person. Claire holds the most beautiful & powerful space and you always know she is there supporting you while you breathe. You also have the added benefit of not having to leave the privacy of your own home and you can allow any emotions that come up to flow without worrying about disturbing anyone else’s breathe or being self conscious. The group is always so supportive during and after the session and it’s so lovely to meet via zoom and be held in such a sacred space. I have experienced so much transformational and deep healing in these online sessions. This is the healing of the future and there is no difference between actually having Claire right next to you. Claire also always offers so much healing insight into what she sees for you and what you are working through.“
~ Eleanor Gilmore

Learn how to use your breath and body to:
  • relax deeply
  • release and transform past negative experiences
  • let go of old emotions that are held in the body
  • overcome states of anxiety and depression
  • transform negative thoughts
  • tap into spiritual wisdom and guidance
  • enter blissful heightened states of consciousness
  • create the life you really want!

Places are limited so booking is important. If you do book it is necessary to give Claire 24 hours notice if you are unable to come. You can text Claire on 0408909779.

BREATHWORK IS NOT SUITABLE FOR: those with cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, some psychiatric conditions, psychosis, those having had recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy, severe hypertension, glaucoma, or active spiritual emergency.

Details & Registration:

Date: 6th August 2020
Venue: Fremantle (advised on booking)
Time: 9.30am-1pm Perth time (Western Australia)
Price: $50.00
Pillow and water bottle.

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Payment, Venue and Event Details will be eMailed to you after registration.

If this workshop is not currently available, Contact Claire to register your interest



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