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Women' Breathing Circle Fremantle

This is an opportunity to participate in depth Breathwork in Sacred Women's Space. Come together with other women to share, experience embodiment meditation, and Transpersonal Breathwork in a loving, nurturing environment.  

Experience the healing power of Transpersonal Breathwork: a powerful fusion of breathwork and shamanism.

Transpersonal Breathwork will help you to relax deeply and let go of deeply held tensions that originate in the body, mind, emotions, and energy field. The breath will help you to feel and release blocked energy and buried emotion that is the underlying cause of dis-ease in your body, mind and life. As you release and let go of the blocked energy the breath will take you into a heightened sense of awareness and a direct connection and experience of your spirituality: bliss, joy, inner wisdom and guidance for your life, and an opening of the heart. There is nothing quite like Transpersonal Breathwork!

There is a powerful energy that is created in group breathwork that supports deep healing and personal transformation. As breathers relax and let go, this holds the energy for others to let go. The more you let go of the old stories, emotions, and negative belief systems, the more you are naturally able to hold a new more loving and positive way of living; helping you to create the life you really want. Transpersonal Breathwork, and particularly group breathwork is a powerful tool to support you to positively transform your life!

The group breathwork is held in love and safety by Claire who is a very experienced breathwork practitioner, group facilitator, and trainer recognised by the Australain Breathwork Association. 

BREATHWORK IS NOT SUITABLE FOR: those with cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, some psychiatric conditions, psychosis, those having had recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy, severe hypertension, glaucoma, or active spiritual emergency. 

Booking: Please text Claire on 0408909779 Please note that the booking system is not currently working and you will need to text Claire if you wish to come to the workshop.

Details & Registration:

Date: 3rd June 2021 or 6th June 2021
Venue: Hamilton Hill (Advised on booking)
Time: 9.30am-1pm Thursday or 2pm-5.30pm Friday
Price: $100
Pillow, sarong or towel, water bottle, and shawl or blanket

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