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Module 1 of the Transpersonal Breathwork Training

Module One: The healing power of Breathwork 

Module One consists of: 4 Thursday evenings 4th March-25th March, and weekends of the 20th-21st March and 27th-28th March 2021

Learn the fundamentals of breathwork and experience the extraordinary healing power of the breath! Right from the beginning you will be learning how to facilitate breathwork with clients. The power of this type of breathwork is greatly enhanced through shamanic healing, and in module 1 you will begin the learning process of holding a powerful shamanic space.

Over 5 days of training in Module 1 you will learn:

  • Introduction to Breathwork
    Learn about the theory and practice of rebirthing breathwork, and the contraindications for breathwork. Gain skills to read the breath; to recognise how certain breathing patterns reflect what is going on in an individual’s life. Learn how to utilise different patterns of breathing to access heightened states of consciousness; for healing, awareness, and transmutation. Here you learn how to alter breathing patterns to help others overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Learn to guide the breathwork session.
  • Foundations of Shamanic Healing 
    Be introduced to the practice of Shamanism. Learn how to open and hold Sacred Space, connecting with the Spirit of the directions and the Spirit of the Elements for healing and transmutation in the breathwork session. You will be introduced to shamanic tracking in the breathwork process. These are powerful skills that powerfully enhance the breathwork session.
  • The Chakras: Energetic Maps of Consciousness
    Learn in-depth about the chakras, their psychology, and how they form a brilliant map to understand the evolution of human consciousness.  We begin working with the luminous energy field by tracking the stories held in the chakras, learn to diagnose and release blockages from the chakras. Be taken through powerful chakra meditations.
  • Crystal Healing 
    Learn how to use crystals in the breathwork process.  Learn how to acquaint yourself and work with the spirit of the crystals and healing stones, and learn how to work with their potent energies to support the breathwork session. Gather your medicine of crystals and stones for healing.
  • Meditation and Breathing Practices 
    Learn meditation and yogic breathing exercises that bring about a wellspring of inner silence and antidote to stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Learn meditation techniques to support your own meditation practice, as well as to teach to your clients.
     You will be learning the meditation and yogic breathing practices throughout all of the modules, begin the journey in module one.

It is necessary to be having regular breathwork sessions in order to come into the training. You must have completed at least 10 breathwork sessions with a registered breathwork practitioner, this can be individual or group work. You also must be coming regularly to group breathwork sessions with Claire to be considered for training. Throughout the training you will be expected to continue your breathwork practice through individual or group work.

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"From the moment I stepped across the threshold into day one of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing I knew I was in for a very special experience.  I had been considering the training for some time and had decided to trust that it was the 'right' place for me, even though I wasn't completely sure what lay ahead, I intuitively knew it was in alignment with my personal and professional path. And in that first module of five days I was rewarded on every level! My heart opened wide and filled with love, my mind was engaged and stimulated, my body experienced deep healing and my spirit rejoiced in the freedom to be me! 
I came away from that first module with enormous gratitude and respect for Claire. She is a beautiful and authentic woman, an intuitive and powerful healer, a courageous and encouraging teacher, down-to-earth, humorous and compassionate. Above all I value Claire's integrity - she's real, there's no pretense or bullshit about her - and that's a very important quality for me, especially in a teacher.  I'm learning things I had only ever dreamed of, I'm gaining new skills and confidence, I'm discovery depths of awareness that take me to incredible places. I'm so glad and grateful that I'm doing the training and experiencing direct benefits every day in my personal life and my professional work. It's an exciting, transformational journey! Thank-you Claire!" 

~ Anne-Marie Hoyne

Details & Registration:

Date: Begins March 4th 2021
Venue: Fremantle
Price: $1350.00 or $1250.00 earlybird if paid by 22nd February 2021
Pillow, blanket, towel, crystals, pendulum, rattle, lunch daily, water bottle, notebook, crayons, pencils, pens.

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