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The Meditation Workshop

Create positive change in your life!

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and more advanced students. The afternoon is woven together with various forms of meditation. If you have a very busy mind, are suffering from stress and tension in your life, and have previously found it difficult to meditate... I highly recommend this workshop! You will have the opportunity to learn a number of very effective meditation techniques that are brilliant for releasing stress fast and for relaxing and quietening a busy mind. You will come away from this workshop with a tool bag of meditations that you can immediately put into practice in your life.

This is a very relaxing afternoon. You will leave feeling deeply relaxed, refreshed and renewed!  You will have the opportunity to learn various techniques that will; relax you deeply, improve health and vitality, bring about healing for your body and mind, stimulate your creativity, and increase awareness for personal growth. 

Experience a number of the following meditations; chakra meditation, movement meditation, heart meditation, colour meditation, various forms of yogic and shamanic breathing meditations, and sound meditation.

Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom to create positive change in your life!

Numbers are limited, you are not booked in until you pay. Pay and book early to avoid disappointment!

Where: Fremantle (details will be emailed to you when you book)

Details & Registration:

Date: 12th dec 2019
Venue: Fremantle (details emailed after booking)
Time: 1pm-5pm
Price: $100.00
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I initially attended Claire's Meditation for Busy People to gain an introductory insight into meditation, which was very helpful in my first steps to making meditation a part of my life...Claire's individual Breathwork Sessions were invaluable in getting me through a difficult part of my life...

I have found particular enjoyment participating in the monthly Meditation and Visualisation Workshop. These are fantastic for bringing relaxation and awareness into your life. My anxiety and stress levels have decreased considerably. Best of all I am free of emotional and physical pain. Claire's classes are fun, enjoyable and Claire's approach is one where people feel safe.

~ Lisa Alvares, Social Worker-Public Servant

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