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Awake Dreaming: Learn Shamanic Journey

Shamanic journey is the practice of direct revelation, where you experience your own inner landscape and meet and communicate with your Spiritual guides, ancestors, teachers, and what is showing up in the other dimensions. 

Your inner landscape is your dreaming, and your dreaming is what is creating your life in the physical realm. Every mystical tradition knows that in order to create freedom in life one must become aware of the inner realms. Through awake dreaming we can both learn to work with what is showing up in our inner landscape, as well as bring positive change to our life. 

In this course you will learn the the basics of the shamanic journey technique; how to journey safely into the unseen worlds for healing, wisdom, love, and reclaiming lost power. You will learn how to journey in your dreaming body into non-ordinary reality; you will learn how to meet with those wise ancestors and teachers that guide you. You will learn about the 3 worlds of shamanism and you will have the opportunity to journey into each different world. 

You will have the opportunity to discover your Power Animal. Through the conscious re-connection with your Power Animal there is an opportunity to begin the process to uncover and re-cover your true sense of inner power. This will support you to embody your personal power in your life.  

This course is also a pre-requisite for Australian Breathwork Association approved Breathwork Practitioners who wish to continue on to study Shamanic Healing, Tracking, and Embodiment practices with me. 

Shamanic journey is a wonderful spiritual practice and a powerful tool for life! 

This workshop is held online via zoom.

Please text Claire on 0408909779 to book. Please note the booking form below is not currently working.

Details & Registration:

Date: 21st June- 12th July 2021 4 Monday evenings online via zoom
Venue: Online via zoom
Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm (Perth Time AWST)
Price: $220.00 or earlybird $200.00 if paid in full by the 14th June 2021
Bring along: Journal for writing and drawing, and pencils/crayons and a pen, water bottle, scarf or mask to cover eyes

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