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MeditationClaire teaches meditation in Perth and Fremantle Western Australia. She also includes meditation in her workshops and retreats on the Gold Coast. If you would like to learn to meditate you can do so in either a workshop or through individual tuition. Individual tuition is face to face in Fremantle, and over the phone if you are anywhere else! (All you need is a good set of ear phones for your phone).

Claire teaches a variety of different meditation techniques in her classes, workshops, retreats, and individual tuition; this is because not all techniques suit everyone... and different techniques suit different people! Many people find they have tried meditation before and just 'can't do it' their mind is racing and busy and they just can't seem to switch it off! Claire has some wonderful techniques that work powerfully to calm and focus the mind... helping to release the stress and tension so that the mind can begin to focus; yogic breathing techniques are among some of the techniques Claire uses.

The amazing health benefits of meditation! 

Meditation is a very effective form of relaxation therapy. In meditation the practice is to learn to still the mind. It takes time and practice to reap the rewards, however the benefits are worth it! Through meditation we learn to relax deeply; when we empty the mind we experience inner peace. When deeply rested both the mind and body work better! Health improves, and so does happiness and inner peace.  Many people also find that their creativity blossoms with the practice of meditation, and their intuition is sharpened; when we practice being the witness of the mind we able to be still enough to hear the quiet whisperings within. Through the practice of meditation we are able to live more in the present moment and are able to let go of the past... so important for mental health and happiness!

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming! Sometimes we search and search for the answers to the challenges we face...and to no is these at these times that we most need to "let go" of the mind... meditation is the answer!

Many scientific studies have shown the amazing health benefits of practicing meditation. These include:


Corporate Meditation Training

Claire teaches meditation in the workplace in Perth Western Australia.

Claire brings together all of her expertise and years of knowledge with meditation, breathing, yoga, and coaching, to design a specific stress management program for you and/or your team. 

This includes one on one and/or group stress management training, and individual follow up coaching and support.


Individual Meditation Tuition:

You can have a choice of either a 1 hour, or 1.5 hour meditation lesson. This is effective because not all techniques suit everyone, it is important that you are able to find the meditation techniques that work well for you. Contact Claire


Custom Meditation and/or Yoga Retreats

Have a retreat customised for you and your friends/colleagues.


Meditation Classes and Workshops:

Module 1 of the Transpersonal Breathwork Training

Date: Begins March 4th 2021
Venue: Fremantle

Would you like to become a professional breathwork practitioner with powerful skills in shamanic healing and bodywork? Immerse yourself in 5 days of personal healing, learning and discovery. Over the course of the training you will learn how to work in a very deep and profound way with clients. Module 1 is the beginning of a powerful learning journey! Book Now

Women's Breathing Circle Online

Date: 6th August 2020
Venue: Fremantle (advised on booking)
Time: 9.30am-1pm Perth time (Western Australia)

Experience the healing power of breathwork in a safe and sacred space. A beautiful empowering space for women to come together to heal. Book Now

The Meditation Workshop

Date: 12th dec 2019
Venue: Fremantle (details emailed after booking)
Time: 1pm-5pm

Learn various meditation techniques that will relax you deeply, help you to let go of anxiety, bring about healing for your body and mind, improve health and vitality, and increase awareness for personal growth.
 Book Now

Journey into the Chakras

Date: 31st August 2013
Venue: TBA Fremantle
Time: 9am-5pm

Your chakras, or energy centres contain an energy blueprint of your life lessons, and contain the memory of everything you have experienced. By working with the lessons of each chakra, you can bring healing to your physical body, and to the many different areas of your life; such as relationships, career, finances, emotions, creativity, purpose etc. Book Now

Learn to Meditate

Date: TBA
Venue: Fremantle (address will be given on booking)
Time: 9am-11.30am

Learn the basics of meditation to relax deeply, still the mind and renew your energy! Learn how to overcome stress and anxiety with these simple but powerful meditation techniques. This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of meditation plus a couple of different styles of meditation so that you can begin a home meditation practice. Book Now


Claire's Articles & Blog Posts relating to Meditation:

Mind-Body Connection

Claire Belton - Friday, May 03, 2013

The mind and the body are inseparable, what affects one affects the other. Your health and wellness is affected by both your mind and body. The definition for mind-body medicine according to the Mind/Body Medical institute in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, is the “inseparable connection between the mind and body…the complicated interactions that take place between thoughts, body and the outside world.”  Read this Blog Post

The Many Benefits of Meditation

Claire Belton - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I decided to create the ‘Meditation for Busy People’ because so many people are looking to reduce their stress levels and need fast and effective techniques and there are some great ways specific to our western lifestyle that do quieten the mind faster than other more well known techniques. I have helped people who have previously been unsuccessful with meditation to really break through quieten the mind and achieve great results fast. Read this Blog Post


Meditation with Claire Testimonial:


Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! The Living with Purpose workshop was everything I was hoping it to be and more. Thank you Claire for creating and holding such a profound sacred space that was full of safety and support, which allowed the next piece of healing for each of us. 

The experience enabled me to reach the deepest depths of self and brought forward undeniable truths, guidance and wisdom. My body showed me clearly that by shutting down emotions and locking away pain we also lock away a true part of ourselves. If we are willing to let go and breathe into the pain here lays a most amazing gift that is just waiting to be seen and accepted. 

The workshop really allowed the time; depth, space and tools to get to this part and with intention the messages were released. I am so excited and aware of my sacred contracts and purpose and choose now to align with these and be open to my next sacred pathway. I am calling in creativity, music, sound healing, writing all the things that make my soul dance, which I had so long ago forgotten about.

Thank you for teaching me how to reconnect with our amazing Mother Earth, the rituals you taught were so powerful and at the same time so nurturing. I have already showed my children the sand paintings and have had fun creating these at our home.

~ Karen Davie



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