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Life Coaching, Stress Management Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Workplace Coaching in Perth WA and long distance.

Claire offers several types of individual coaching:


Life Coaching

Coaching is all about you! When you hire Claire as your coach she will act in a combination of roles for you. Claire will help you get in touch with your vision, she will help you to get clear about what you want to create and achieve.

Claire will inspire and motivate you, help you to think creatively and ‘outside of the box’, be your personal manager to help you stay on track and accountable, and feed back to you observations and suggestions.

Claire will take you through the process of coaching which includes setting inspirational goals, creating strategies and a plan of action to achieve your goals, and coaching you to breakthrough and realise your goals.

Claire believes in setting goals that will stretch you to grow and achieve. In this process you learn so much about yourself; what is working for you in your life, and positive new habits that affect not only the realisation of your goals but many areas of your life. This is the incredible gift that coaching brings. You get to be more effective in your life.

Claire’s particular gifts are her intuition, insight and many years experience working with the mind-body connection. There are many things your body language says that help or hinder your performance, Claire will support you to align your body and mind to bring about a unified positive approach. This is important because we communicate approximately 30% verbally, and the other 70% of communication is gong on through body language!

In a coaching session we can focus on various areas of your life, as well as looking specifically at the areas of your life where you are wanting change. These areas include:

Claire is available for face to face coaching in Fremantle WA, or via the phone worldwide.


Spiritual Life Coaching

When you choose to have a Spiritual Life Coaching session this can be done either face to face or over the phone. It is all that is offered in Life Coaching and more. In a Spiritual Life Coaching the focus is on living with purpose, the challenges you are facing in your life, what you would like to bring into your life or achieve; and how you can manifest this through spiritual practices and energetic techniques.

This approach looks at helping you to live with purpose; to clarify your goals and then to clear out what ever is blocking you; such as old beliefs and stories. Claire will guide you to hold the energy and intention to overcome blocks and manifest the life of your dreams!

Claire will also use her shamanic skills to track in your energy field for information as to what is happening energetically and spiritually for you...what is influencing you in the energetic realm.

Claire utilises her visionary skills to check your chakras or energy centres to see where you have talents and gifts, and to see where you are blocked...or where your challenges lie. Claire can also use her ability to journey to other realms to help you find clarity, direction, and purpose. She also utilises her tarot reading skills to help get a deeper perspective of what is going on beneath the surface in your life; the subconscious and spiritual forces that are at play. The tarot is an excellent tool for shining the light into areas of your life that are currently obscured... where you are having trouble getting clear.

Manifestation is an important aspect of spiritual life coaching, Claire will coach you to shift your energy through various meditation techniques, and teach you how to tap into the power of your mind, body, and spirit to create the life you desire.      

Claire has extensive experience and has helped many people to find happiness and love; to move the blocks and put the positive energy in place to manifest: a loving relationship, the right job, business success, health, spiritual connection, and other things such as improved finances, and improved parenting. Claire has helped numerous women with issues regarding love, children, and even conception. She has also helped many people get onto their life path... and create a small business from that... particularly in the creative and healing arts.


Stress Management Coaching

Experience breathing and meditation techniques that will effectively release built up stress from your body/mind, help you to respond in healthier ways to stressful situations, and deal effectively with stress in the workplace and everyday life. Stress management coaching will give you tools and techniques to change the way you respond to stress. This is lifechanging!

Did you know that simply learning how to breathe properly will begin to reduce your stress levels immediately? Scientific research has shown what yogis have known for thousands of years... breathing properly will lower heart rate, stress and anxiety levels; whilst breathing improperly results in increased heart rate, and increased levels of anxiety and stress. Claire will teach you proper breathing and mindfulness meditation to lower stress and enhance your enjoyment of life!

Claire brings together all of her expertise and years of knowledge with meditation, breathing, yoga, and coaching, to design a specific stress management program for you and/or your team. This includes one on one and/or group stress management training, and individual follow up coaching and support.


Workplace and Team Coaching

Claire is available to coach in your workplace. Workplace and Team Coaching is a great way to support and improve the culture, performance, and effectiveness in your workplace. Some of the benefits of workplace coaching include:

You can contact Claire to discuss your coaching requirements.


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Coaching Testimonial:


Claire is able to identify the issue for the client at the first session and mobilise the powerful healing ability of the body and soul..Many of the clients I refer to Claire feel they have explored all possible avenues or that their situation is too intractable to be resolved. What they find after just one session with Claire is not only hope but a healing that resolves the problem permanently.

~ Jasmin O'Hara, Counsellor and Astrologer



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