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The Spirit of My Work

Claire Belton - Tuesday, March 14, 2017
My work, like all good work, has come from my life. I have always had a very strong connection with the Earth. I grew up in the country running bare foot through the bush; my first love was that country I spent so much time with.  It was this connection with the Earth that would go on to inform my healing practice and indeed my life. My work, for those who have never worked with me, is much about holding a safe place for a person to come into; to inhabit fully their body in order for healing to occur. In order to be truly successful in life, in order to create the life that calls, then it is necessary to first of all say yes to life and inhabit the body and the physical realm. It is mostly through negative life experiences, conditioning, and trauma, that many people are not truly inhabiting their physical body and life. Most of the clients I see are somewhat disconnected from their physical body, and this is what I have seen poses the biggest challenge to healing, happiness, and living with purpose. My life's work could be summed up as helping people to come into their body!

Through this embodiment, a person can then go on to experience embodied spirituality. This is why I love the shamanic path, and why I have been walking this path my whole life, even though I haven't always had the words to describe this path as I do today. This brings me to the second part of my work; to hold the space for people to explore deeply their spirituality that is connected to, and not separate from, their own body, the Earth, and the web of life. This is where my skills as a Breathwork practitioner and teacher connect with my passion for Shamanism. The breath is a powerful healer; you can learn to calm your mind and relax your body with your breath, and you can go further to connect to your inner wisdom and inner healer. You can also connect powerfully with the web of life, and through an understanding of shamanic practices can further develop and strengthen those connections. 

As the spiritual or energetic realms open up through the breath and shamanic practices, the most incredible beauty of life becomes apparent. There is love, guidance, wisdom all around; you realize you are never alone, and your life and everything you have lived through has significance. Everything is alive. Love is everywhere. Love is in the Earth. A new way of living and being becomes apparent, and as we all know.. this is what changes the collective consciousness.. as we awaken all life becomes Sacred and we can no longer agree to live the old destructive ways; not to ourselves, one another, or to our planet.

I am deeply connected to the Spirit of Mother Earth. She has spoken to me many times, She weaves her magic through me and my life. On Sunday I was part of a meditation at the Beeliar Wetlands and She again spoke to me with so much love "Walk with Silence, Walk with Service, Walk with Love." 
To walk with silence means to understand the stories that are from my past and to choose to live from a different place. When I walk with silence life and spirit has room to weave its magic in my life; there is room for the new to inform me. Walking with service and love is my purpose.

The Spirit of Mother Earth continues to inform my work, my training, and my life.



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