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Testimonials about Claire Belton and her work from clients:

"I just wanted to say thank you for the Living with Purpose Workshop I attended recently. You have helped me to heal so much of the deep pain and sadness I've felt surrounding the loss of my Dad three and a half years ago. Also sharing that process, has helped to relieve some of the loneliness that I have felt from that loss. The Living with Purpose workshop was filled with laughter, love, tears, humor and learning. It was truly an inspiring experience and I have come away with a renewed connection to myself and commitment to continue my healing journey.  Claire, you are someone with integrity, which is not easy to find, and it is exactly what you need when you are doing this type of deep work, and learning to trust again. Thanks again Claire, for your beauty, power, and energy."
~ Andrea
The training in breathwork and shamanic healing is an opportunity to open up and heal on so many levels. You begin to trust that the universe will support you and synchronicity happens. As soon as I made the decision to do the course, my life began to unfold, as if it was meant to be. How exciting to be focussed on healing myself and others, finding my power, travelling to other worlds, connecting to nature and the spirit world, finding my gifts, and witnessing others do the same.

The course is rewarding and at times intense as I faced my fears and pain, but always beautiful and I always felt safe and fully supported by Claire.The peace and release of finding healing was so worth it. The course is like an initiation or awakening, by the completion of it you will never be quite the same agin. If you are thinking of doing the training in breathwork and shamanic healing; make the leap, you will not regret it

~ Andrea Bridge

Just want to say thank you for the Journey into the Chakras Workshop - it was truly extraordinary.

Love it and hope this nice feeling will stay with me for awhile. You are such a wonderful person, thank you so much for all that fantastic work you did with us.

~ Anna
Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing..

From the moment I stepped across the threshold into day one of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing I knew I was in for a very special experience.  I had been considering the training for some time and had decided to trust that it was the 'right' place for me, even though I wasn't completely sure what lay ahead, I intuitively knew it was in alignment with my personal and professional path. And in that first module of five days I was rewarded on every level! My heart opened wide and filled with love, my mind was engaged and stimulated, my body experienced deep healing and my spirit rejoiced in the freedom to be me! 

I came away from that first module with enormous gratitude and respect for Claire. She is a beautiful and authentic woman, an intuitive and powerful healer, a courageous and encouraging teacher, down-to-earth, humorous and compassionate. Above all I value Claire's integrity - she's real, there's no pretense or bullshit about her - and that's a very important quality for me, especially in a teacher.  I'm learning things I had only ever dreamed of, I'm gaining new skills and confidence, I'm discovery depths of awareness that take me to incredible places. I'm so glad and grateful that I'm doing the training and experiencing direct benefits every day in my personal life and my professional work. It's an exciting, transformational journey! Thank-you Claire!  

~ Anne-Marie Hoyne, Facilitator-Personal Coach-Civil Celebrant, age 47

I love being around Claire, whether it's yoga, meditation or other reflective work. There is such a wonderful healing and encompassing energy and humour about her that is just so inviting, nurturing and relaxing. She's a great teacher and guide.

~ Barb Frey

I attended Claire's Walking a Sacred Path (now called Living with Purpose) workshop. The tools Claire used are the most powerful I have encountered to bring what is in the dark into the light.

Claire provides a sacred, loving, compassionate, non judgemental, insightful space to walk through the fear of releasing the past and becoming aware of ones life purpose. Thanks Claire.

~ Bev

Claire, thank you so much for your blessings, healings and advice thus far……

You have helped me get back on my pathway and have made such a difference in my life.

~ Bridgette Cray

The first 5 days of the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing have completely blown me away... somehow I wish I could go back and immerse myself in it all again... I already look forward to the next module; transforming myself in this magical world of healing and spiritual growth. As I started the healing practice with group members, I discovered what it is to be in 'the flow'.

I suddenly felt empowered to practice healing myself, something I could have hardly fathomed before. and as we learned more about meditation, trusting our intuition and breathing deeply to connect to spirit, the practice of breathwork and crystal healing suddenly seemed in reach of us all, it was magical. 

By the end of the 5 days there was incredible light and vibrations amongst the group, and now I can hardly wait to share this out into the wider community. What an incredibly exciting journey!

~ Catherine

I have been very fortunate to attend Claire's Breathwork and Shamanic Healing Training in 2013. I can truly say it has transformed my life! Claire's skills and caring hands on approach to experiencing the many techniques has brought about incredible insights for myself and the group. The room in which we gathered for the teachings became our sanctuary, where we found healing, laughter, a sense of community and where we grew and truly came into our own power. I now walk on this Earth with more awareness, confidence and gratitude. I can see opportunities and abundance everywhere. Claire has taught me how to bring my own gifts into the world and how to create the life that I want for myself. For that I am vey grateful, and can only recommend others to engage in this self development journey too. Take the leap of faith, and you'll marvel at the magic that will enfold.

~ Catherine Fewings

My name is Daniel Dawson, I am a professional combat sport athlete and an 8 x World Champion across 3 different arts, Muay Thai-Boxing, Kick-Boxing and Boxing. I am the only person to have ever been crowned World Champion across these 3 arts. For 21 years I have competed as a professional athlete and I am still competing at the highest level. My mind-body connection is the main vehicle to my success, that is why I sought out the amazing gift and delivery of personal development and growth that Claire has. I have had the pleasure of working with Claire since 2011, I was battling depression at the time I first met with her. Even with many sporting achievements I still found it very hard to stop my own self -sabotage and lack of self-worth due to childhood issues. Claire has guided me to heal from within and worked with me on building my inner value and self-belief which has transferred into every aspect of my life. Claire has brightened my life in so many ways and given me tools to help understand myself and my issues while learning how to respond to my own emotions and thoughts. ~ Daniel “The Rock” Dawson

~ Daniel Dawson
Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing..

I have been a student of Claires for a couple of years with the Breathwork and Shamanic training modules.  This has just been the most amazing journey for me.  Through the training I not only learnt some valuable tools to use in my healing work but my own journey of healing and discarding the old stories that no longer served me was just incredible.  Claire holds such safe and sacred space during the training and also during our own Breathwork sessions.  She is a very supportive and powerful healer in herself.  I will be forever grateful to Claire for coming into my life at just the right time when I was ready to do my own work but to also learn new healing techniques.  Breathwork is one of the most powerful and successful healing tools that I have come across.  I am now privileged to work with clients of my own now and see the powerful effect it has on them.  I also made lifelong friendships with the other students and my life is so much richer for having them on the Breathwork journey with me.  I feel so blessed to have met Claire and I cannot recommend highly enough her as a teacher.  
~ Donna Blakeway
I feel so fortunate to have met Claire. In the last year I have attended a private session and also attended two workshops including the Breathe and transform and the Awake dreaming: an introduction to the Shamanic journey . Each of these different experiences have completely changed my life. Claire has helped to set me free from many things that were holding me back in life. I have found my power, confidence and most importantly myself. Every time I leave Claire’s I have a deeper sense of purpose and increased vitality. Claire has an amazing energy and always makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed. I am so glad I have found Claire to help me on my spiritual path and cannot recommend her enough.   
~ Ellie Gilmour
What an experience. I have been on a spiritual path since I can remember, and finding Claire is balm to my soul as not only has she helped me to move through my grief after the sudden death of my husband but she has facilitated huge growth in me in terms of really connecting to myself and knowing that it is ok to be me, to honour that and shine in my own light. My understanding of myself has reached a new depth. Learning with Claire in the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing is quite amazing. Claire is a not only a powerful and intuitive healer but an accomplished teacher as well. There is never a dull moment with Claire and I feel stimulated at all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually. I am confident that what I have gained with Claire will enhance my personal and professional life for many years to come. Thank you Claire. 
~ Emma Dolin

Claire, your presence, modules, training and breathwork have given me life. I have the tools to now participate in my life, good, bad and otherwise from a much stronger, safer place than I imagined possible. I thank you, the people who love me thank you, my guides thank you! 

~ Graeme Mitchell CEO of Ecoculture
I truly believe that Claire is one of the top healers in Australia. I have been doing personal work for a very long time and I feel blessed to have found her talents and this profound healing modality. It makes no difference where Claire or I (as the client) are physically located, the healing is still creative powerful and authentic. I experience the same shifts, intensity and level of transformation whether it be a 'remote' healing or face to face healing. Claire's remote clairvoyent tracking of my energy body, the wonderful messages she receives to facilitate clearings from the shamanic world and her connection with my guides is simply electrifying. I feel like it is a gift to us all that Claire is on the planet doing this exquisite healing work. 

During a distant healing Claire uses fascinating and powerful shamanic techniques whilst the person being worked on breaths deeply and rhythmically in the safety of their own home. I set up my own healing space in my home and this adds to the safety I feel during the healing. The breath work integrates and embodies the energy work for me. Every healing I have had is very different and I have found that whatever and whoever needs to come in for the healing will do so through Claire as the facilitator; ancient archetypes, spirit guides, spirit animals old ancestral patterns that may need to be cleared can all present in different ways. Through Claire's facilitation, wisdom and support major patterns and shadows, located very deeply within, shift. I find the healing sessions also bring my creative dream world and any unconscious imagery into consciousness. This synchronicity further serves to authenticate the personal healing narrative that emerges during a session, making it a very magical experience.
~ Holly Pearce
I would like to thank Claire for the large part she has played in helping me turn my life around 360 degrees…  I have suffered from depression, having lost my business and my marriage… from the moment I met Claire everything felt right I could feel the healing start. I completed both the Healing Your Inner Child workshop and Walking a Sacred Path (now called Living with Purpose)… I found my inner child and I am now reconnected with a part of myself that had been locked away since I was about 4 years old. I now love & accept myself for the first time in my life! Claire has an amazing powerful healing energy within her that has turned my life completely around. I am now living everyday & I am glad to be alive & looking forward to all the growth I have in my future... all I can say is thank you Claire I believe you have played a huge part in saving my life & I am looking forward to learning from you in the future I am so glad I have met you.
~ Ken

Claire is able to identify the issue for the client at the first session and mobilise the powerful healing ability of the body and soul..Many of the clients I refer to Claire feel they have explored all possible avenues or that their situation is too intractable to be resolved. What they find after just one session with Claire is not only hope but a healing that resolves the problem permanently.

~ Jasmin O'Hara, Counsellor and Astrologer

I recently attended Claire's workshop Walking a Sacred Path (now called Living with Purpose), I honestly advise anyone who is interested in learning more about their spiritual path, whether it be how to meditate, in need of healing or wanting to connect on a deeper level with their spiritual side Claire is the Lady to see. 

Claire has a very special gift in being able to help and guide people to their true path and purpose in life, Claire has a very mother like and warm caring way of making people feel completely safe, secure and at peace and ease during the letting go process. 

Claire has a very happy and bubbly nature to her and is constantly having a laugh and joke with all during the weekend workshop, it was a very happy, enjoyable, and positive experience to be involved with this course and at the same time a very powerful experience for me personally to witness the healing and courage of other's as they really let go and took the brave step's necessary for their own personal growth and building of their own inner strength.

~ Jason H, Perth W.A.

What a great experience it was to enjoy Claire's workshop Living with Purpose as a couple - we discovered profound truths about ourselves and each other, and left with countless memories and talking points which have enriched our relationship and given us a basis for understanding and connecting deeply with each other. 

While we are sure that anybody attending the workshop alone would undoubtedly be inspired by Claire's energy and unique skills, to experience it with a loved one was absolutely transformational. 

We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend and wholeheartedly recommend it to everybody.

~ Jon & Sylvia

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!! The Living with Purpose workshop was everything I was hoping it to be and more. Thank you Claire for creating and holding such a profound sacred space that was full of safety and support, which allowed the next piece of healing for each of us. 

The experience enabled me to reach the deepest depths of self and brought forward undeniable truths, guidance and wisdom. My body showed me clearly that by shutting down emotions and locking away pain we also lock away a true part of ourselves. If we are willing to let go and breathe into the pain here lays a most amazing gift that is just waiting to be seen and accepted. 

The workshop really allowed the time; depth, space and tools to get to this part and with intention the messages were released. I am so excited and aware of my sacred contracts and purpose and choose now to align with these and be open to my next sacred pathway. I am calling in creativity, music, sound healing, writing all the things that make my soul dance, which I had so long ago forgotten about.

Thank you for teaching me how to reconnect with our amazing Mother Earth, the rituals you taught were so powerful and at the same time so nurturing. I have already showed my children the sand paintings and have had fun creating these at our home.

~ Karen Davie

Thank you for a truly great experience and insight over the weekend. I am still feeling very connected and complete today. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Walking a Sacred Path (now called Livng with Purpose), and what a beautiful group to share healings with. In appreciation,

~ Kerry
I recently attended the Awake Dreaming Shamanic Journey hosted by Claire, which absolutely blew my mind! I had been attending Claire's breathwork sessions which have been monumental in assisting me to grow, heal and expand into my truth. I was a little apprehensive on what the Shamanic Journey would be, I need not have been as always Claire provides such a safe, loving and healing environment it really is the icing on the cake complimentary to breathwork. I am currently dealing with an autoimmune disease and through Shamanic Journeying provided me with many insights and healings. I would highly recommend this session or any of Claires sessions, she is a genuine, beautiful radiant person and is truly gifted in the healing arts.

~ Kristen Fiorini

Claire's Healing Your Inner Child Workshop is a really good way to learn skills that you can put to use in your improve your life. 

It was great I made friends and peeled off some emotional layers, thanks Claire

~ Leah

I initially attended Claire's Meditation for Busy People to gain an introductory insight into meditation, which was very helpful in my first steps to making meditation a part of my life...Claire's individual Breathwork Sessions were invaluable in getting me through a difficult part of my life...

I have found particular enjoyment participating in the monthly Meditation and Visualisation Workshop. These are fantastic for bringing relaxation and awareness into your life. My anxiety and stress levels have decreased considerably. Best of all I am free of emotional and physical pain. Claire's classes are fun, enjoyable and Claire's approach is one where people feel safe.

~ Lisa Alvares, Social Worker-Public Servant

My husband Mike and I really enjoyed your Meditation and Visualisation Workshop. Mike came with me with an open mind and came home with some very useful tools to de-stress! 

I had a very enlightening afternoon. You were interesting, pleasant, and above all very calming and we both enjoyed your class immensely. Thank you very much.

~ Lyn Crack

"Claire is an amazing coach, mentor, and friend. I have had the pleasure of working with Claire on my journey for the last 4 years. Claire has helped me to understand so much about life on all levels. The healing has been an amazing process, the support and encouragement Claire has given me to visualise and evolve my dreams and visions into my reality, the encouragement to really walk my path in life and to do all of this with an abundance of unconditional love and soulful gratitude. Much love and gratitude to you Claire, thankyou!"

~ Mardi

Claire is the kind of person you just love to bits. I wish I had a pocket version, one I can take with me in my handbag everywhere I go. Then I could take her out and share my life with her at any time. That would be so cool. 

We could talk and have a laugh together about all the crazy funny things life brings on a daily basis. Claire's laughter is so authentic and makes me happy.

~ Mette Nielson

Believe it or not, Claire delivers on everything that she says she will in her course outlines, and she holds a powerful space for alignment with one's life purpose. 

I found her Walking a Sacred Path (now called Living with Purpose) workshop to be an extremely healing experience since it provided a safe and held space to touch into myself and my emotional reality in a deep and beautiful way. It was so worth it!

~ Miriam
The first module of Claire's course has been amazing. What a beautiful environment to be in - surrounded by so much love, laughter, acceptance and understanding. I have learnt some wonderful skills to initiate me into this journey. In just five days I have come away with a greater understanding of the power of the breath, meditation, crystal healing and exploring the chakras. Best of all, a new found confidence in myself and my ability to help facilitate healing in others. 
Claire has been so nurturing towards all of her students - from the thoughtful gestures like baking for us every day, to sharing her own stories so openly. Most special, is the kindness, warmth and care she has invested in each one of us - so heartfelt and so incredibly genuine.  She really cares about each of our stories and the individual journey we are on. Thank you Claire - bring on module two!

~ Paula

Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing..

I first saw Claire for individual breathwork sessions over 7 years ago, and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. Every session with Claire blew me away. Her intuition and tracking abilities were always on point, and I felt so much clarity and confidence in navigating life's challenges after seeing her. 

I started attending her workshops and breathwork groups whenever I got the chance, and from there felt compelled to sign up for her training in 2015 - a decision I will never regret. 
The level of deep work we did during the 2 years of training was so incredibly healing and nurturing. It was also confronting and challenging in the best possible way. Exploring our shadow, delving deep in to the stories we hold on to, and those of our ancestors. Sharing my story, my trauma, my fears, and holding space for others to do the same was an absolute privilege. All while Claire nurtured and respected every single one of us with such care, understanding and kindness.
I came away from the training with so many skills that I can apply and utilize in my own work as a Breathwork practitioner, and in my own healing. Tracking, bodywork, deep listening, working with the chakras, energetic and shamanic work, birth, death, rebirth, meditation, ancestral healing, navigating healthy boundaries with clients, working with integrity and respect, and so much more.
Breathwork is such a wonderfully simple yet incredibly powerful healing technique for those experiencing it. Claire's training is beautiful and unique in that it explores and examines the complex and exciting world that lies beneath the surface. And what a world that is!
~ Paula Flynn

Thank you Claire for your support and guidance last weekend at the Healing Your Inner Child workshop. The space you created for me to delve into the shadows where my inner child dwells was safe, nurture-ful and inspirational. 

Your attention to stimulating a sense of fun and joy in an environment where I often take myself and my healing ‘oh so seriously’ was refreshing and I greatly appreciate that. I was also impressed with your attention to ensuring all bodies were nurtured through nourishment! 

Thanks again and I look forward to working with your support again. In Lakesh

~ Pete

I wanted to write to let you know my experiences of Claire Belton's Distant Shamanic healing work. I have had profound shifts through working with Claire in this way. In terms of the outcome of the session, a distant healing is just as powerful as working in person. I have found that working over the phone actually enhances the connection to Spirit, which is a great bonus and hugely beneficial when accessing trauma or pain. I have also found that working over the phone, as opposed to being physically present, helps with the depth and intensity of the shifts that can occur, due to the connection to Spirit being much clearer. I have worked with Claire for over 15 years through both present and Distant Healing. I have found both to be equally transformative, powerful, insightful and deeply affirming. I have worked through many issues, experiences and intense feelings with Claire's fantastic support and can guarantee you will feel enlivened, connected and more free to live well through this work.

~ Rebecca Moore

I met Claire over two years ago after deciding to explore the practice of breath work. After doing individual and group sessions, it became apparent what a genuine and gifted healer Claire is. When she offered the more involved "Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing" I cautiously decided to invest in this interesting-sounding course, though at the time I did not appreciate how well these aspects of breathwork and shamanism could benefit and deepen each other.

The course was attended by people of various backgrounds and at different stages in their spiritual journeys. Claire held a space of discovery and growth for all of us with remarkable compassion and integrity. Each of us had the opportunity to confront issues we were carrying and to process them in a very supportive and constructive environment. As a result of this, I was able to significantly overcome the limitations of skeptical, dualistic thought and be more receptive to an intuitive understanding of the world. I also came to appreciate that although shamanic practice might require time and dedication to learn, it engages us deeply in the natural world and all levels of the body, mind and soul. It can also be an incredible inspiration to a person's creative life. I came to look forward to each module and each day of this course and wholeheartedly recommend it to whoever wishes to develop professional healing skills and facilitate their own spiritual growth!

~ Sam Wells
Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing..

I did my Shamanic Breathwork training with Claire 2017-2019. I had discovered Breathwork in 2015 and was blown away at how deeply transformative the work is. 
So in 2017, I  embarked on my training. I honestly did the first module as a gift to myself and never would have believed that I could take it as far as I have. And that is all thanks to Claire. She is the real deal - genuine and kind. Claires depth of knowledge and ability to teach in a supportive, healing and fun environment is second to none. 
I am not the same person who started this journey in 2017 and am still being supported by Claire even though the training is complete.
I am so very grateful to Claire and feel that if you are drawn to this work,then take the plunge. Your life will never be the same again! 
~ Shane Sim

Claire everytime another person I know sees you they are in the same sense of euphoria and amazement I was in after the first time I met you. I'm getting inundated with glowing reviews from everyone I know and I love seeing them get to experience a taste of what I have been since my first session back in August. Claire not only changed my life by finally giving me an avenue to release suppressed emotions, she also told me the reasons why I was playing out certain patterns. And let's be honest Claire we both know you saved my life even though you will always be too humble and kind to take credit for it. Jase and I are Claire's number one fans even though it seems that everyone who is lucky enough to experience her healing sessions talk about her just like we do.

Thank you clairesy, I now see that back in that first session with you, you gave me a glimpse of your gifts and every session since I feel lighter, more at peace and most of all happy. Seeing Claire is now a way of life for me, not only does she heal me, she makes me laugh and has a happy infectious soul. Thank you (you can't escape us crazed fans Clairesy x ). Stacey

~ Stacey
Claire, you were the very first person the universe directed me towards at the beginning of my awakening when I was in a really bad state emotionally, spiritually and physically. Coming to you and opening myself up to your Shamanic magic, was my first 'act' towards helping myself or allowing myself to be helped .

You helped me a lot Claire. Thank you for your magic and healing ways.

~ Stewart Fanning

What a wonderous five days in the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing! I feel that so much is shifting within my psyche! In this busy life we just do not get the opportunity to journey inwards for this amount of time! I feel blessed and feel that the work I have done continues to emerge in my actions, choices, thoughts and feelings. Thank you Claire for holding this space for all of us! I am deeply grateful!

~ Stuart

Since I did the one day shamanic journeying workshop with you I have tapped into a deep well of spirit within myself... I feel a deep healing taking place in my soul and a magic growing in my consciousness! My destiny to explore the overlapping edge of deep psychology and spirituality is unfolding, when too much Jung is barely enough! thank you for your catalytic influence on me!! I will be forever grateful...

~ Stuart M.

It has been 12 months on from the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing and WOW what a ride. For you, the reader, the training can be about being a breathworker or exploring with elements of Shamanic practises or it can be about yourself…all are great steps to finding your true self.

I have dived into all these areas since the completion of my training in 2013 and I am loving life and the freedom from fear I used to continuously feel.

This professional training has allowed me to connect to my inner self which has been hidden for so long. It is because of this unique training that I am a better woman leader today, as I have the awareness of what is going on around me, how I am influenced by my surroundings and how being aware of my subconscious emotions drive my behaviours to do what I do. What I have learnt is that I am a perfect soul, and I now know it because of the ongoing practise and teachings provided in the safety of Claire’s wisdom which then allows me to explore mine with a knowing that I have been taught safe, loving and ethical practices. Thank you Claire for the sharing of your experiences and guiding me with safety through the material and spirit world with this work

~ Sue Dempster

Thank you, thank you, dear gorgeous Claire for an absolutely amazing journey through the Professional Training in Breathwork and Shamanic Healing. Your passion for this work is outstanding you are such an inspirational teacher and woman. So open so loving, so giving and so very supportive and encouraging in every way! I so enjoyed sharing so much laughter, love and tears together. Such an extraordinary experience to feel, also to witness the shifts and transformation this powerful healing work provides. I am so much more connected to others, the world around me and my heart has opened up once again since the Training for this I am so very, very grateful this course found its way to me.

~ Sussan Van De Meeburg

Through participating in Claire’s Walking A Sacred Path (now called Living with Purpose) weekend I have made the final steps of moving fully into my sense of self and purpose. I now have a deeper understanding and respect for my intuition and inner knowing about what is right for me. 

I feel grounded and centred and know that with my connection to my source I am on the right path in this next stage of my life journey. I no longer feel alone as I know I am accompanied and held by the Divine Mother, unconditionally and constantly, along with my spirit animals who walk with me and add to my sense of strength, courage and sense of self. 

Thank you Claire for your clear and humble embracing of life and the teachings of the shaman, you are a gift to this world.

~ Suzanna

I would like to give thanks to Claire for running this training.  Without experiencing this myself I would never have become the person I am now.  More calm, patient, and understanding.  I started this training being nervous and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.  I have had my own personal issues to deal with and the support from the group helped me to achieve this. I have come off all medication for my anxiety and panic attacks and I am feeling so much better and stronger; this was also discussed with my Doctor. I can thoroughly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in healing!

~ Tracey Sermon



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